Attract and retain better customers through better marketing, sales and business methods. We build, find, test and recommend the best software and programs to help.

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I build and provide you with recommended programs and software for your business success. I also provide Business FUEL, free motivation and business help via my newsletter and blog.

Mark Peters

I’m Mark Peters, Chief Cookie at Smarter You. I live in Perth, Australia. I have over 20 years of experience leading organizations and businesses. Like many of you, I'm self-taught - down in the trenches every day experimenting with, building and testing, new strategies and software to drive traffic, engage leads and convert them into long term customers.

What you can expect from me...

In my newsletters I will publish actionable online and offline marketing pieces. Each one will walk you step-by-step through the exact strategies and tactics I use,  I'll hold nothing back. I promise there will be ZERO fluff. Everything I post will show you how to execute...

Disclosures and Relationships

Mark has affiliations and business relationships with several other companies. You can rest assured that if I am promoting something, it’s because I like the product or service and I trust the company/people behind it.

Some of my relationships:

I’ll be adding more…

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