The Best Social Media Automation Solution For Your Business

For those who aren’t sure of the meaning of social media automation, “It is setting up a process of content sharing on your social media site or sites using online tools and apps”  this means no more of your valuable time searching for relevant content to share on your Twitter, FaceBook and other social media accounts.

Here is a quick list of the major benefits of social media automation.

You can schedule targeted posts.

Libraries with 100’s of great content, never worry about finding content again.

Scheduling posts quick and easy using auto schedule.

You can automate content to your FB pages.

Schedule weekly “Thank You Tweets” for your top Interactors.

Analyze your interactions using “Analytics”

And much more…


This process works and saves you tons of time to work on your business while your social media life also goes on keeping all your followers engaged with great content.

My favorite online tool to automate content, well it’s my secret tool and has really saved me a lot of my time with my social media marketing. It’s called Social Jukebox.

And, the great news is, there is a free trial and you can see for yourself if it’s a good fit for your social media needs. No need to verify payment method either when signing up. There’s also some great training videos inside Social Jukebox to learn more about how this tool will save you time and money.  

Go to Social Jukebox and click on the social media platform you want to proceed with. Here’s how. I usually go with twitter…


Click authorize the app:







Then you’re all set to automate your content.

In the free version, there’s enough in there to get you started, but you might find it isn’t enough for your needs after trying it out, so you might want to upgrade to get the most out of this tool.

I recommend Social Jukebox and use it myself everyday. Their packages vary from $20 to $100 monthly and this will be money well spent if you are a busy like me and don’t have enough time to engage in social networking all day everyday.

Here is the free trial link so you can start using it today Social Jukebox.

Just like their motto says, “Social Jukebox, Less Work, More Social.”

If you have any further questions send me a quick DM in Twitter. I’ll get back to you. And check out more of my posts on my blog.